Meet our herd.

Mama Tao

Tao is the best mama any cria could ask for!
She has the prettiest grey babies that are sweet and lovable.
She is protective, friendly & fierce with very soft fiber!


We named him George because he is SO curious! Nothing gets past him. If there is something in the pasture, he is the first to find out what it is. He has a baby face to match his baby fine fiber.


The only blue-eyed babe of the group! Blue has those bright blue eyes and white coat that make you swoon. He knows his way around a fiber competition and we love his silky coat.


Toby is the only dad onsite!
He sired Ferdy and it shows in her color. He’s small and cute and also dominates the males on his side. He passed down his grey genes to his baby cria too!


Sally is Tao’s first cria as well as ours! She loves to play and always gets her boyfriends to race around and play games in the field. She is our only silver grey and is sweet, soft & fun!


Lennon is the one of the cool guys. He has the best 'do out of every alpaca. He loves to play with the Sally & Ferdy and protects the ladies he rooms with.


Theo is a survivor.
He spent the first 2 weeks after birth being nursed back to health in the kitchen in his owners house. He’s been healthy ever since and has lustrous fiber!


Mervin has award winning fiber.
He spent most of his years being shown and judged at fiber shows. We renamed him because he’s so silly and we enjoy his sweet attitude.


Ferdy is the newest member of the herd! Her mama is Tao and her daddy is Toby. She looks like a Hereford cow, so she was named Ferdy! She is independent and loves her sister, Sally


Mondavi is an artist and a Wild Boy. Even after a leg injury, he roughed it all winter long on a ranch over 750 acres with the boys that refused to come home to get warm and be fed.


Filbert is a fiber machine.
He produces the densest fiber of the whole group. His fiber weighs SO much and is easy to clean. He’s feisty and playful and loves mohawks.


Trason is our favorite nerd!
He has a big underbite and bangs that cover his ears. He makes it easy on us and is calm and still when he needs to be groomed.