Rachelle Rose Barkhurst

Founder & Creative Director

Rachelle is a graduate of New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. She has worked in the clothing business her entire life.  She has years of retail experience stemming from her family business, TJ Formal. She founded Rachelle Rose Designs in 2015 and transformed it into an ethical and sustainable design company called Fibercation in 2019. She loves her husband, Danial, their 12 alpacas, and their pups, Tink and Zeda. Her passion is adventure and she loves exploring the Earth.


Danial Barkhurst

Engineer & Husband

Danial is a Mechanical Engineer by birth and by trade. He is a Wyoming native and multi-talented man. He is the reason Fibercation exists! He has supported Rachelle from the moment they fell in love. He comes from a family of ranchers, so he is the guiding force when it comes to caring for the alpacas. He is creative and is always up for building whatever is needed for new business endeavors.


Kerry McIver

Weaver & Creative Support

Kerry and Rachelle are long time friends and just so happened to end up in Wyoming only 90 miles away. Kerry is a maker and a jack of all trades. She has been incredible support for Rachelle and her business endeavors. She’s continued her education right along with Rachelle as they have gone on this journey, bringing the alpacas home. She is a weaver and creates beautiful rugs and other home accessories.