Sex: Hembra (Female)
Age: 2
Type: Huacaya
Color: Medium Silver Grey

We got Sally when she was just 3 weeks old! Her mama is Tao and her baby sister is Ferdy.

She is incredibly sweet and our only silver grey of the bunch! We love that she took after her mama’s coloring. All the girls have their eye makeup on!

For the first month, Sally and her mama, Tao stayed in our 1 acre back yard. We enjoyed this more than we can explain! Sally ran and played, as fast as she could. Every night at dusk, we watched her run around in the safety of our yard. These are memories we will always cherish.

She is SO sweet, we’ve never seen her even pretend to spit at her friends! She gets her boyfriends to run an play with her. She is bonded to her mama, Tao. And she’s the best big sister in the world! She and Ferdy were fast friends and they are always together.

Be Sally’s Alpaca Pal on June 3rd!