Sex: Macho (Male)
Age: 7
Type: Huacaya
Color: Beige

Mervin is the best! He’s got a beautiful beige fiber that we love. We call him Merv because he’s just so silly and cute. He has the sweetest face and attitude. One of the best things are his celebrations each year after shearing. He runs and plays and rolls in the dirt. Then he loves getting soaked down with the hose.

He puts up with the testy males on his side and tries to stay away from the fights. He is the soft spirit of the group.

Merv is also our show guy! He has attended many fairs with 4H kids and won several fiber shows while living at his previous home. He is one of the sweetest, carefree males we have!

Be Mervin’s Alpaca Pal on June 3rd!