Sex: Macho (Male)
Age: 8
Type: Huacaya
Color: White

Although Blue might seem a little lame for the name of an alpaca, it is for one very good reason. His eyes! He is the only one in the herd with the unique trait of beautiful sky blue eyes.

Lately, he’s been sneaking out of the pasture and grazing in our backyard. How is he getting out you ask? We aren’t sure… we just keep fixing fence and he still has a secret spot to get out of. We don’t worry about it any more though because he won’t stray far. He stays on the property and we are far from any main roads. So, he just gets out, grazes and then goes back into the pasture with the rest of the herd come nightfall.

Blue has nice fiber and gets the lion’s mane hairdo at shearing! Mainly because he doesn’t like his head being touched.

Be Blue’s Alpaca Pal on June 3rd!