Corsets Inspired by Menswear

A corset, originally known as stays beginning in the 16th century, is an undergarment constructed with whalebone or metal (now mostly plastic) tightened by lacing, used to constrict or hold a desired shape.  

Throughout the centuries the style of the corset has changed many times.  Originally worn as an undergarment, it is now, mostly worn as a top or bustier.  I could go through the timeline of the corset and what it has morphed into but I’m guessing most of you don’t need the history and I’m sure Wiki would word it much better and I would!

Another project during my studies at Polimoda in Florence, Italy.  We learned how to make Corsets.  This project was inspired by menswear - and then wore them in the Polimoda fashion show!

Me in my Tuxedo inspired corset =)