Sex: Hembra (Female)
Age: 1
Type: Huacaya
Color: Medium Rose Grey

Ferdy is the newest member of the herd! Tao is her mama, Toby is her daddy, and Sally is her older sister. She was born on a sunny day with no problems. We wished for a girl and we wished for her to be grey. We got both! But at first we didn’t think so… She came out brown like Toby with some of Tao’s patterning. Or some would say… a hereford cow! So, we named her Ferdy.

A few months later when we trimmed toes and checked everyone out, Ferdy’s fiber had grown out and we noticed she is rose grey underneath the brown tips! SO HAPPY!

She is SO sweet, it’s hard not to repeat. She’s curious and spunky and loves to run and play with her sister, Sally. She’s always been independent and roams far from her mama’s side. We love our cria!

Be Ferdy’s Alpaca Pal on June 3rd!