Mama Tao

Sex: Hembra (Female)
Age: 4.5
Type: Huacaya
Color: Medium Fawn - Vicuña Patterning


We certainly have a soft spot for Tao. She came from a large heard of about 200 alpacas. Her previous owner, Linda loved her very much and we were honored when Linda wanted us to have her. She had a cria (baby) that was almost a month old. We weren’t planning on getting a female (hembra), but were ecstatic to find that we could care for Tao and her newest!

We named her cria, Sally. They lived in our large (1 acre) backyard for a few months. We so enjoyed seeing Sally run and play! Tao is a fierce, protective Mama, and Sally is the sweetest because of it.


We decided to breed Tao in 2017. We breed her to Toby. We’d like to keep our heard around 12 on average. And we just really wanted to have this experience with our animals. We learned so much from doing this and are so happy that Tao continues to be a great mama to her newest cria, Ferdy!


We wanted a girl and we wanted her to be grey. We got both! We named her Ferdy because she came out looking solid brown and white with the markings of a hereford cow. She is hiding rose grey under that brown shell!


Tao has settled in and is comfortable here, she trusts her alpaca friends and our dogs. Ferdy gets to roam and be a lot more independent than Sally was…you know how it is for the youngest child!