Plant Dyes

Rachelle Rose Designs is developing a new collection of prints with all natural materials! Each Eco Printed item is carefully handcrafted into the work of art you see today. All plants & flowers used for printing are gathered right here in Wyoming. Different techniques are used to create unique patterns on natural fibers such as silk, wool & cotton. 

No two pieces are alike!


Eco Prints

Before dyeing, all materials are soaked in a mordant to help fix the dye. (Mordants can be vinegar, alum & washing soda, etc...) 

After the mordant, some pieces are dyed a solid color. 


 For this technique, the fabric is laid out flat with leaves & plant matter placed in the desired pattern.  Then, folded, rolled up and binded with twine.  It is then submerged in hot water for an hour or two to get the desired effect.


Similar to Hot-Extraction, the fabric is binded in the same way as described in Hot-Extraction.  The bundle is then steamed for hours to achieve the desired color.