Dryer Balls


Dryer Balls


Set of 3 alpaca dryer balls.  Great for pets and kids too!

Fiber brought to you by Mondavi, George, Theo, Sally & Trason.

In our efforts to be zero waste company and use all natural fibers, we give you dryer balls! 

How to Use:
Reuse these for years in place of dryer sheets. 
Dab a few drops of your favorite essential oils on each ball.  
Use without oil to cut back on drying time. 

We work with a non-profit called, The Hilde Project.  The women there make mittens out of wool sweaters.  We utilized the scraps for the center of these dryer balls.  We eliminate that waste and conserve our alpaca fiber. 

The dryer balls are approximately the size of a tennis ball, but most are smaller.  They are handmade and not perfect!  Each is unique.  

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