What we do.

With our alpaca fiber, we weave, knit, sew and felt unique and useful pieces for your body and home.
We dress people who dress for their lifestyle and their values and don't conform to trends. 
Our home accessories are designed for people to create a comfortable and beautiful sanctuary.
Our vision is to create sustainable clothing & accessories with a purpose and story.  

We are makers, so creating art with our fiber is our favorite thing to do!
We love empowering other makers too.
We want to see what beautiful creations you make with our roving and yarn.


What we value.

Fibercation is committed to creating thoughtful, artful pieces with high ethical standards. 
We work with the environment by using all natural fibers, implementing zero waste design and using plant dyes.  
We believe that fashion and sustainability should go hand in hand, and that your values should align with your lifestyle.  Everything from fiber, dyes and labor is held to our highest moral and ethical standards.  
We want you to feel good about what you are wearing, on the outside AND the inside.  You will truly have a story to tell when you wear our clothing.  
We are an open book!  Our supply chain is as transparent as we can make it. 
Want to visit the alpacas and the studio?  Please do, we LOVE guests! 


The story.

This is a love story. And it begins with Rachelle changing her entire life and moving from Charleston, South Carolina to Portland, Oregon….sort of… She stopped in Encampment, Wyoming to visit some friends and ended up falling in love with her now husband, Danial. They dreamt about what their life would look like and Dan wanted to make her dreams come true. So, she decided to stay and moved into his place just outside of Laramie, Wyoming where they started building their lives together. He gave her the ability to start her business, Rachelle Rose Designs, out of their home. She created a beautiful studio space with mountain views and began her work. Rachelle designed and created clothing, along with custom work and alterations. After a couple of years, she couldn't morally continue on the road of a normal fashion business. She hated the fact that there was so much waste with cut & sew designs. Two years of dreaming and planning later... she transitioned to a more ethical & sustainable business model and Fibercation was created. No products are made without a use for the waste, or wasting at all. They are able to use 8 acres of their property to care for 12 alpacas.
And they all live happy and healthy!


The details.

  • February 2015 - Founded Rachelle Rose Designs.

  • Fall/Winter 2015 - Rachelle designed and sewed every piece of clothing. The line sold to customers in Laramie, Wyoming at local shows. Custom sewing and alterations were part of the business as well. We employed our first intern from the University of Wyoming.

  • Spring/Summer 2016 - Small collection was made and shown at the University of Wyoming fashion show as the "Featured Designer". A local downtown shop in Laramie became the first wholesale account.

  • Fall/Winter 2016 - Rachelle fulfilled years of dreams with this big collection that featured custom prints inspired by travel in the west. The business was accepted into the Western Design Conference and the line debuted at the fashion show in Jackson, Wyoming. It was bitter sweet, her dream came true, but the show was not successful financially and she knew then that the business had to change.

  • January 2017 - Rachelle and her husband, Danial, were on a date one night, and over a glass of wine they discussed what would come of Rachelle Rose Designs. Rachelle jokingly said, "Why don't we get alpacas?" Dan looked an her and said, "Let's do it." So they made the decision to create a sustainable fashion business with all natural textiles, natural dyes and zero waste design.

  • March 2017 - Rachelle expressed her journey at an International Women's Day event she organized in Laramie. Eight women shared their stories. Rachelle confessed she was ashamed of the textile waste she created and it led her to completely changing her business. Read her talk here. She announced to her friends, her plans to change and to get alpacas.

  • June 2017 - Rachelle and her friend, Kerry, drove to Clearmont, WY to SageRidge Mill & Critters to buy her alpacas! They went expecting to get 6 and at the end of the journey, they had 12!

  • July/August 2017 - Rachelle interned at SageRidge Mill & Critters. She learned how to process fiber on the industrial equipment.

  • 2018 - The Wedding. Rachelle & Danial planned their wedding for July 2018, and of course Rachelle had to make the clothes! She spent the year designing and making her dress as well as the bridal parties. She made 29 pieces of clothing for the wedding and even dyed her dress and the bridal party's tops with plants.

  • January 2019 - Kerry joins the team, she is a close friend and artist. She's been on this journey with Rachelle from the beginning and has been a huge support system. She is our weaver and rug master!

  • February 2019 - Fibercation is born! After years of struggling to find the perfect name, one night, Rachelle's husband Dan thought of Fibercation. They mulled it over for a couple of months and it just seemed to fit.

  • April 2019 - Fibercation launched! We are officially rebranding and ready to sell our yarn and roving. More products to come.

  • June 2019 - Fibercation's Alpaca Pal program launched.