Sex: Macho (Male)
Age: 10
Type: Huacaya
Color: True Black

Theo is a survivor! The first month of his life was rough. He had lots of health problems that his former owner, Linda, helped him overcome. She even brought him and his mother, Roxie, into her home…in the kitchen no less! She gave him medicine, fluids and made sure he could nurse from his mama. When he was too sick to do so, Linda fed him goat’s milk. He suffered many seizures and many trips to the vet. In the end, they learned his liver wasn’t functioning properly, but with plenty of love and care they eventually got him back on his feet and playing with the other crias.

Today, he is happy and healthy! He has beautiful, lustrous fiber. He is independent and does his own thing, but is always there when the grain bucket comes out.

We are so happy Theo survived his tough youth and moved to Laramie with us!