Sex: Macho (Male)
Age: 9
Type: Huacaya
Color: Medium Brown

Mondavi is our only medium brown, and we love the reddish tint! We got him from SageRidge Critters and were told he was one of the “Wild Boys”. This large 750 acre ranch gave way for all the alpacas to roam but most of the animals stayed close to the amenities like shelter or hay. The '“Wild Boys” never came home except for when it was time for shearing.

Mondavi is an extraordinarily tough cookie though. When he was young, he tore his main left front leg tendon immobilizing it for some time . It healed a little crooked, but healed well. Even with his funky walk today, he is still the toughest one in the herd.

He’s one of our older boys and he’s mellow and sweet. He lives over with the ladies in the west pasture and Lennon is his best buddy. He has incredibly soft fiber with a good, consistent staple length year after year.